Living the Sutras

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In the last decade, yoga in Western cultures has largely focused on the physical. But, on the mat, we get a glimpse that there is more to the practice than pretzel-like twists and gravity-defying balances. Our hunger for yoga, demonstrated by the practice’s surge in popularity, is a testament to our desire for growth and change.

The physical portion of yoga is an approachable and accessible way into a practice. It’s an opportunity to feel where we are in our body and in our life and then work and use it. Living the Sutras is a tool to make the other aspects of yoga as approachable and accessible as the asana is today. It’s an opportunity to learn where we are in our mind and spirit and then harness it. It’s a way to make the ancient wisdom found in the sutras relevant to our modern lives. And it’s a guide for putting it all together so we can live with ease and purpose.

Living the Sutras focuses on the first two books of the sutras and explores what yoga is, the vrittis or filters that color our thoughts, the habits and practices we need to establish to create a right attitude, the obstacles to a steady mind like the causes of suffering (kleshas) and personal triggers (samskara), and how to take action through the yamas and niyamas. We’ll introduce a sutra or group of sutras on a related theme, provide a brief commentary and offer related writing prompts to help readers make it applicable to their lives.

When we understand how our mind works and where our energy goes we can work to understand it and then redirect our attention so we can live with ease and purpose.

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