Live Your Yoga Card Deck

Take the wisdom of yoga off the mat and explore 54 ways to reinvigorate your practice by connecting with the philosophy of the Yoga Sutras in a practical, hands-on way.

The practice deck includes an introductory fold-out card explaining what the Yoga Sutras are and how to use the 54 cards that make up the deck. Each card focuses on a specific theme and offers one of three practice prompts: Explore, Connect, and Replenish. The Explore prompts offer philosophy from the Sutras and provide inspiration, contemplation, and self-study. The Connect prompots guide you to focus your body and breath, and include tangible practices, including some asana and pranayama. Replenish prompts explore the last four limbs and provide mindfulness and meditation exercises. Pick a single card or put together a small practice, whatever you need at that moment. Whether you are new to yoga philosophy or in need of an accessible guide, the Live Your Yoga practice deck will guide you on your yoga journey.

Kelly DiNardo card deck Live Your Yoga
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